AMAR # 969 Teachers’ Day at Aux-Carona!

AMAR # 969 Teachers' Day at Aux-Carona!

An inspiring animation of nine days was done with special prayers and a bouquet of flowers for each teacher and on the eve of the celebration of Teachers’ Day at Auxilium the students greeted the last teacher with a bouquet and a well-prepared prayer service conducted by them. It concluded by offering each Sister and a teacher with a flower as a mark of love and gratitude towards them and led them happily to celebrate Teachers Day on the dawn of 4th September.

On 14 September we at Auxilium Carona had the Teachers’ Day celebration. The celebration began with a solemn Eucharistic Celebration with a meaningful theme by the students, “You illumine our path”. Rev. Fr.  Wilfred Sequeira SDB beautifully and intelligently came down to the level of the primary children and explained to the theme of the day. He enumerated what the Teachers do for them and are to them saying “A Teacher plays an important role in your life to educate you, to mould you and help you reach your goal. Be ever grateful to them.” After the Eucharist, Fr Wilfred congratulated the students for making the Eucharist so meaningful with their attention, prayers and wonderful singing.

After a break, all gathered in the hall to felicitate the teachers with music, words, songs, and dance. Each teacher was described in words suited to her and was offered a lantern to appreciate them as they illumine the students’ path and are genuine guides to show them the path. As a gift of gratitude the management, students offer a set of seven bowls, which was much appreciated by the teachers. The programme was crowned with a delicious fraternal meal.

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