AMAR # 971 Shine like Stars in Aux-Kasarkod!

AMAR  # 971 Shine like Stars in Aux-Kasarkod!

Mary is a mother to all, without exception with her, there are no boundaries of religion, caste or gender. She draws everyone to her embrace. To honour our heavenly Mother, the staff and students of Mazzarello Kendra, Kasarkod celebrated Marian Month from 16th August to 15th September 2019.

Combining different classes, the students enacted the different mysteries of the Rosary every day along with the recitation of a decade of the Rosary. We offered prayers and petitions as well as flowers and a little offering for a good cause every day. The month witnessed great fervour among students and teachers who in a way competed with each other to show their love for their Mama Mary.

The peak of this Month was 15th September, the conclusion wherein through a meaningful prayer service, everyone was guided to carry Mary in their hearts for the rest of the year, trying to be like her every day. There was a short festive programme with dance and song and a combination of the Girl Child Day, Literacy Day and Ozone Day programmes staged by the students which gave the whole day an educational yet a Marian tone.

The day ended on a sweet note as everyone received sweets before retiring for the day. May Mary inspire and guide our ways as she does every day and may her wisdom be granted us that we too, like her, may always true to do God’s will.

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