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AMAR # 2131 Celebrating the beginning of a New Academic Year 2024-25 at Auxilium Baroda

On June 13th, 2024, Auxilium Baroda ushered in the new academic year with an atmosphere brimming with joy and enthusiasm. The day commenced with a poignant prayer led by teachers and students, setting a tone of positivity and fresh beginnings. Students, teachers, clerical staff, and support personnel gathered eagerly, marking the start of what promised to be a fulfilling year ahead. Following the invocation of blessings, the assembly warmly welcomed

AMAR # 2130 Aux Baroda organises "Integration of Value-Based Education and Mental Health"

On June 12th, 2024, Auxilium Convent High School Vadodara hosted a seminar on integrating value-based education for teachers. Ms. Akshika Kabra, a clinical psychologist and the resource person for the day, was warmly welcomed by Ms. Giselle Rodrigues. The seminar underscored the importance of mental health in education and the necessity of fostering a classroom culture imbued with core values. Ms. Kabra shared innovative strategies to engage students, such as

AMAR # 2129 "Building Emotional and Global Awareness in Education" at Aux Baroda

On June 11th, 2024, Auxilium Convent High School in Baroda organized a seminar and workshop for teachers on the theme “Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Global Citizenship Education.” The resource person for the day was Mr. Heemanshu Patel, a Professor, Trainer, and Founder of the Research and Development Department of Education at Modi Group of Schools in Rajkot, Gujarat. He was introduced by Mrs. Apurbaa Choudhury, and Mrs. Anita Parmar

AMAR # 2128 Celebrating Care for the Environment at Aux Caranzalem

World Environment Day was celebrated with much joy and enthusiasm on the 5th of June. We began the day with an animated Morning Assembly, after which all the teachers and students took the Environmental Pledge. After school, around twelve students along with two teachers went on a tree plantation drive. We planted a Neem tree along the roadside. We then visited 10 families, wishing them World Environment Day and gifting

AMAR # 2127 Health Camp at Nandgad

Kel Ayurveda Hospital Shahpur Belgavi organised a Health Camp at Auxilium Convent Nandgad for the SHG women. Eight doctors were present for the camp. It was indeed a good opportunity for the women to avail of the facility. Many women benefited and were happy to meet the doctors. We are grateful to them for their initiative to reach to our women and we look forward to reaching out to many

AMAR # 2126 Environment Day celebrated at Nandgad

On June 5, 2024, Environment Day was celebrated at Auxilium Convent English Medium High School, Nandgad. It was a wonderful day, and a beautiful program was organized by the students. The chief guest, Mr. M.R. Lachan, the DYRFO of Bijapur district, was invited. The children conveyed a beautiful message on how we can save our environment, our Mother Earth. The chief guest also delivered an inspirational and motivational speech that


On June 5th, 2024, Auxilium Convent High School hosted a vibrant seminar for its support staff, led by Mrs. Bina Jadav. Ms. Mital Macwan welcomed the speaker, an Alignment Coach, Speaker, and Author, wishing her a fruitful time with the workers. The session began with a prayer song invoking God’s blessings for the day. Ms. Bina commenced the seminar with a one-on-one approach, asking the workers to introduce themselves to

AMAR # 2124 Teachers' Seminar at Auxilium Baroda

On June 7, 2024, Auxilium Baroda organized a seminar and workshop for teachers on the theme “Integrating Skills in Teaching.” The school Principal, Sr. Philomena Lobo, welcomed the teachers for the new academic year 2024, along with the resource person, Ms. Nikita Bhatra, extending wishes for a fruitful and meaningful year ahead. Subsequently, Mr. Samir Athale introduced the Chief Guest, Ms. Nikita Bhatra, an educationist and a pioneer in STEM/STEAM

AMAR # 2123 The Transformative Power of Dreams Insights from Sr. Priscilla Travasso

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt On June 8, 2024, Sr. Priscilla Travasso, the School Manager, addressed the teachers of Auxilium Baroda to share and explain the Strenna 2024, themed “The Dream that Makes You Dream: A Heart that Transforms Wolves into Lambs.” She began the session by invoking God in prayer and then explained that the Rector Major’s theme

AMAR # 2122 Plantation Day at Auxilium Carona

A plantation drive is more than just an event; it is a movement towards a sustainable future. By planting trees, we are not only beautifying our surroundings but also taking a crucial step in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation. On 6 June 2024, the Sisters along with the boarders organized the Plantation Day. The boarders enthusiastically planted a few saplings. They all pledged to keep the surroundings