AMAR # 1603 Women's Day celebration at the Juvenile Home

On the 9th March 2022, at the juvenile home we celebrated Women’s Day with much joy, Sr Teresa Joseph was present for the day and she conducted lively games, each game  had a strong message for life. Sr Mary Anthony saw to other requirements, and a lady speaker gave a message on gender equality, that was the theme of our province for social ministry,

AMAR # 1284 Nostalgia 2.0 @Maria Vihar,Nashik!

26 September 2020 was a day of great joy to the see many of the Sisters and past pupils of Maria Vihar Hostel joining the virtual meet. The programme began at 4.00 pm with an inaugural prayer by Sr. Nilima Rodrigues followed by warm welcome by Sr. Philomena D’Souza, the present animator of the community.  The girls were thrilled as they went through the “Then & Now” flash back moments

AMAR # 1225 Canonical visit of Sr. Phyllis Neves to SHTC –Nashik!

The lockdown may have paralyzed the whole of India but it could not thwart the Canonical visit of Sr. Phyllis Neves to our Novitiate community here in Nashik. Thanks to Skype that made it possible. On 20, 21 and 22 April were indeed grace-filled days for the Sisters and the novices who felt the presence of our Blessed Lady through the conference and individual encounters with Sr. Phyllis Neves. Sr.

AMAR # 717 Don Bosco’s Feast at Koregaon Park Pune

We celebrated the feast of Don Bosco with our tuition and the oratory kids. We started with a short prayer moment. After the prayer, we showed children short film in Hindi about Don Bosco. Then Sr. Gracy Thomas, the animator spoke to them about the purpose of coming here and she asked them a few questions and children answered well. Then she concluded it with a message from the life

AMAR # 574  Gandhi Jayanti at Aux-Lonavla

On 2nd October 2018, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri was celebrated in Auxilium Convent, Lonavla. The programme began with a short prayer service which included the lighting of the lamp and offering garland and flowers to our great leaders. Students also sang the famous Bhajan “Raghu Pati Raghav Raja Ram”.  It was followed by short speeches on the life of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur

AMAR # 532 Outreach programme at Aux Pali Bandra

Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, you do it unto me (Mathew 25: 40). This verse from the scripture reminds us of our social responsibility. Keeping this in mind, the Social Outreach Programme was introduced to the students Class IX & X of Auxilium Convent High School, Bandra. Along with their class teachers Mrs. Lorna Dsouza and Mrs. Bridget D’Monte and under the guidance of their Headmistress

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