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ADMA met on 24th April in our Yuva Don Bosco Kendra. Thirty-one members came together to pray the rosary to honour Mama Mary. The rosary was offered as a thanksgiving by the members for the presence of the Sisters in Gomesali (Nirmal). In the end, people offered words of appreciation in gratitude for all that the Sisters have been for them for nearly 40 years. They expressed their sadness that we were leaving


Creativity is intelligence having fun. – Albert Einstein Auxilium Convent High School Baroda organized the Summer Club from April 15th to April 25th, 2024. This initiative aimed to provide students of standards 1-8, of both the English and Gujarati mediums, with opportunities for creative expression and skill development in a fun and supportive environment. The students of the primary section engaged in diverse activities for holistic development. They honed fine

AMAR # 2117  Human trafficking session at Dakor

On 9th April 2024, a day of training was organized for computer and needlework girls at Pushpanjali Society Dakor by Sr. Shaila D’Monte, Pansora. The main objective of this training is to prevent girls from being victims of human trafficking. Through videos, the information was conveyed to them. There were 50 girls present. The animator of Pushpanjali Institute Dakor. Sr Gracy Thomas. Sr. Asha D’Monte and Meena, the I T.I.

AMAR # 2116 NCP Training at Pansora

On the evening of 16 March, we started the NCP training for ‘Children’s Parliament’. Children from Pansora Centre, Gandhinagar and Dakor Centre were present. Sr. Anita Tairipascu from Gandhinagar, Sr. Savita Parkhe from Dakor along with the tuition teachers gathered at Pansora for the training. Sr. Shaila D’Monte along with the social workers and tuition teachers animated the two days of training of the NCP. Sr. Nayana Vankar, Sr. Gracy

AMAR # 2115 Empowering Minds: Exploring Pedagogical Pathways - Gujarat Region

“The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.” – C.S. Lewis On March 5th, 2024, Auxilium Convent High School in Vadodara had the privilege of hosting Sr. Edna Mary MacDonald from Australia for an enlightening seminar on Don Bosco’s pedagogy and the preventive system. Attended by 70 teachers from Auxilium Baroda, Dakor, and Pansora, the event commenced with a warm welcome and

AMAR # 2114 Cultivating Creativity at Auxilium Baroda

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X Sr. Esperanza D’Sa, from Gandhinagar, was invited to Auxilium Baroda to teach students to make flowers for both English and Gujarati mediums, ranging from grades 1 to 9, the art of crafting paper and cloth flowers. Through organized sessions, students acquired new skills, fostering their creativity and dexterity. Under Sr.

AMAR # 2113 Guiding Students Towards Career Success at Aux- Baroda

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.  Several informative sessions were conducted for grades 9 to 12 students at Auxilium Convent High School, Vadodara, to guide students toward diverse career options. On February 26, 2024, Career Naksha conducted a seminar on career guidance, emphasizing the significance of self-discovery in career planning. Mrs. Sonali and Mr. Hardik highlighted the importance of understanding

AMAR # 2112 Community Gratitude Day at Maria Vihar, Nashik

On 7th March we thanked the community sisters and had a short programme for them. We began the program with a dance followed by appreciation words and a thank you song followed by a dance. The children were thrilled to thank their sisters. They gave cards and flowers to the sisters and showed their gratitude towards sisters. In the end, Sr. Hilda Mascarenhas gave the message that gratitude is the

AMAR # 2111 Multi-faith Week Celebration at Auxilium Nandgad

In a world where diversity is increasingly celebrated and valued, schools too play a crucial role in fostering understanding and respect among students of different backgrounds.  Keeping this in mind we at Auxilium Nandgad celebrated Multifaith Week from the 20th to the 24th of February 2024.  It was a wonderful celebration because everyone got to know the richness and beauty of different religions and the people’s belief systems. During the

AMAR # 2110 Science Exhibition at Nandgad

To ignite the curiosity and showcase the talents of our young scientist a science exhibition was organized in Auxilium Nandgad on the 28th of February. More than 120 students took part in the same.  They prepared a variety of working models and captivated the audience.  From the intricate workings of the cosmos to the microscopic wonders of the natural world these exhibitions captivated the audience and ignited a passion for