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AMAR # 2022 Champions at the Eco Fiesta

The Eco Fiesta at Auxilium Convent High School Lonavala showcased the exceptional talents and commitment of the Ahmednagar Eco Club students. The individual competitions witnessed impressive victories, with the Eco Club securing 3rd place for Nature’s Diorama, 1st place for Habitat on the Plate, 2nd place for Share Your Knowledge, 1st place for Craft a Collage, 1st place for Quiz, and 3rd place for Biomimicry. The Eco Club continued to

AMAR # 2021 Science Exhibition at Auxilium Ahmednagar

On 25th November 2023, Auxilium convent school and junior college, Ahmednagar, organized a science exhibition in school premises. A number of students from various classes 6th,7th,8th,9th and 11th participated in the exhibition. It was inaugurated by Sr Rita, manager. Tr.  Priti gave a speech on the importance of the contributions of the young generations to the field of science and technology.    The exhibition started at 8:00 am. and was open


Talent week is a celebration and showcase of diverse skills and abilities.  It provides a platform for individuals to share their talents, fostering a sense of community and appreciation for various talents and passions. We at Auxilium Nandgad kept up talent week in order to uplift the capabilities of our students and give them a platform to showcase them. The students took part in Rangoli, Drawing, Salad design, fireless cooking, clay

AMAR # 2018 Children's  Day at Kune

On 12th November Ashish Bhavan Kune celebrated the Children’s Day with the theme Pruthavi ki raksha meri raksha. They were more than 100 children. The programme began with registration and prayer. We divided the children into four groups. The youth from Kune were Volunteers along with Sisters. We played different games that were eco-friendly, we also displayed charts of child rights, and had a cultural program. Mrs. Surekha Umbre the

AMAR # 2017 Honoring Hands that Build and Reach Out at Auxilium Baroda

“In the quiet dedication of hands that serve, we discover the heartbeat of a thriving community.” On the auspicious day of October 31, 2023, the Auxilium Baroda sisters came together to joyously celebrate both Workers’ Day and Clerical Staff Day. This special occasion was dedicated to recognizing and expressing gratitude for the invaluable contributions of the seventeen dedicated workers and our five clerical staff, who play integral roles in both

AMAR # 2016 “Let your Light Shine” Diwali celebration at Maria Vihar, Nashik

On 10th November the VTC center had a Diwali celebration. Before the celebration 5 students took part in the Rangoli competition they made a beautiful Rangoli. The programme began at 2.30 with a meaningful prayer moment animated by Sr. Jean in Marathi. The students put up beautiful dances. Tr. Arati Jadhav explained the significance of this feast. It was an eye-opener for all of us to know and to respect each

AMAR # 2015 AYM Group @ Kasarkod

“The poor do not need intermediaries, but the personal involvement of all those who hear their cry.” Pope Francis We the staff of the Mazzarello School with the help of the headmistress Sr. Rita D’Souza and the AYM Group organized a funfest for two days in the month of October in order to collect funds for the needy. On the first days, we had a diversity of games, and snack

AMAR # 2014   Diwali at Dakor

The boarders celebrated the Diwali feast on 31st October 2023. We began the programme with a prayer service, followed by a meaningful entertainment programme. Children acted out the skit on how Ram, Sita & Laxman returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of Vanvas. On their way, the people of Ayodhya rejoiced & lighted diyas everywhere. That symbolizes “victory over evil” and “Light over Darkness”. Every child took part in different

AMAR # 2013 Illuminate Lives Through Compassionate Outreach at Auxilium Baroda

 “In the gentle touch of compassion, we find the true essence of humanity.” Auxilium Baroda students, spanning both English and Gujarati mediums, recently exemplified the spirit of social responsibility through a series of impactful outreach programs. Their endeavours, characterized by empathy and dedication, have not only touched lives but have illuminated the path to a brighter and more compassionate future. On Thursday, November 2nd, 2023, students from Class VII and

AMAR # 2012 Harmony of Light and Love: A Triumphant Triple Celebration @ Baroda

“In the tapestry of life, every thread of celebration adds a vibrant hue, weaving a story of joy, gratitude, and interconnectedness.” Auxilium Baroda witnessed a triumphant triple celebration on November 8, 2023, embracing the spirit of Workers’ Day, Children’s Day, and Diwali. The vibrant atmosphere saw students, support staff, and teachers adorned in colorful attire, contributing to the lively festivities. The program commenced with a touching prayer moment, invoking the