Happenings at Maria Vihar, Nashik!

Happenings at Maria Vihar, Nashik!

Feast of Mother Mazzarello:

We, the boarders of MariaVihar, Nashik celebrated joyously the feast of Mother Mazzarello. The leaders of the group along with the sister-in-change animated the day. In the evening we had a programme to express our love for our Mother. The skit was based on the life & vocation of Mother Mazzarello. It was based on her vocation. Her life was very inspiring and it made us aware that how we have to be grateful to God for our own life. This was followed by a quiz on Mother Mazzarello. Through dance and song, the children and hostelites enhanced the joy of the celebration.

Youth pastoral presentation:

The youth pastoral presentation was done for our girls. We began our programme with a prayer moment, followed by a short introduction to the theme of the day ‘Family and Tourism’ which was conducted by Sr. Nilima Rodrigues.Then they viewed a PPT on the theme which was explained to them in Marathi by Sr. Surekha Gabru.The group gathered to draw up the action plan for the year and shared their insights on how they could be messengers of love in their family and society .The meeting ended with a thanksgiving prayer and words of appreciation.


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