March 2013

The mighty power of God – Jesus rises from the dead.

Of all the apparitions of Jesus to His disciples the most vivid and lively one is his appearance to two of His disciples journeying to Emmaus. These disciples on their journey met with a wayfarer who seemed to have known nothing of what had happened in Jerusalem in recent days.  

Weighed down with sadness, disappointment, confusion and frustration due to the happenings of the previous days these disciples made up their minds to return to their homes and resume their old professions. Going home with such a frame of mind they never imagined that this wayfarer is their Master, Risen from the dead! Listening to their sad story Jesus, who seemed to be a stranger and who knew nothing of what had happened in Jerusalem, began to recall to their mind what had been spoken by the prophets and explained to them what was said about Jesus of Nazareth beginning with the book of Moses and the writings of the prophets (Lk. 24: 27).

As they approached their hometown the disciples invited their fellow traveller to their home saying: “Stay with us, Lord; for it is now evening and already getting dark”. Accepting their gracious hospitality, he decided to stay for the night in their home. And when he was at table with them, he took the bread and blessed, and broke it and gave it to them.  At the breaking of the bread their eyes were opened and they recognized him to be the Lord. (Lk 24:28-31).

Had the disciples not offered him their hospitality, they would have never recognized him as the Risen Lord. Opening the door of their home to a stranger  they met their Master and Lord. . 

As often as we open our homes, our hearts to others in genuine love, respect, regard and kindness we shall recognize and meet the Risen Lord. As often as we gather to break the bread of charity, friendship, forgiveness and reconciliation, the Lord will reveal Himself to us. As often as we listen to  and welcome His Word in our lives, our hearts will be inflamed and enlightened by the love of the Risen Lord and thus we will be able to recognize Him in our midst. The encounter of the disciples with the Risen Lord at the breaking of Bread  inspired them to return  to Jerusalem to tell others of their experience of meeting the Risen Lord.

Our encounter with the Risen Lord is not something reserved only for the Easter season. Every one of us has the possibility of encountering the Risen Lord every day in the liturgy of the word at the celebration of the Eucharist and in our fraternal charity towards one another. Such daily encounters will certainly urge and empower us to go and tell  others  “The Lord is risen indeed!”

 May the peace and joy of the Risen Lord be with you throughout this Easter Season. May all of us become truly ‘Easter people’! God’s Blessings upon each one of you.
Happy Easter