AMAR #838 Feast of MM at Pansora!

On the eve of the feast of St. Mary Mazzarello, the young girls of the sewing sector presented a short programme on this occasion. They had a short prayer, a dance and a song for the Sisters. On the 13th July, the feast of St. Mary Mazzarello was organized by the school children. It began with a meaningful prayer moment and the lighting of the lamp. A skit in the

AMAR # 837 Investiture Ceremony at Pansora!

As the quote says: “A good start has a good ending”, the community of Pansora, Gujarat, too began with a right note of various activities both in the community and in the mission among the young. “Called to serve” was the clarion call for the chosen leaders as they marched courageously and with confidence on their day of the investiture ceremony. On 14th July 2019, they pledged to render and

AMAR # 836 Initiation of the AYG groups at Pansora!

On 14th July, the AYG groups were initiated. Sr. Sunita Dabhi began with a prayer moment followed by a pledge. Then they were vested with the AYM scarves by the animator, Sr. Nayana Vankar. Along with the Sisters, the members planted saplings in the campus.

AMAR # 835 Investiture Ceremony at Aux-Carona!

27th June 2019 was the day of installation of the leaders of the Auxilium Primary School for the year 2019-2020. Leadership is a gift a challenge and trust placed on the leaders. It is a day where all the leaders take on oath before the entire school assembly and promise to work wholeheartedly with love, dedication, and sincerity. The programme began with prayer service and a candlelight procession. The manager,

AMAR # 834 Feast of our Co-Foundress St. Mary Mazzarello at Aux-Lonavla!

On the 12th of July, a solemn procession led by the school captain escorted Sr. Superior Sr. Theresa Joseph and the sisters of the Auxilium community. Students vested with the habit of the Salesian Sisters’ accompanied the Sisters up to their seats. Tiaras were placed on the head of each Sister. The FMAs were presented with a token of love. A prayer service invoked God’s blessings on the Salesian Sisters.

AMAR # 833 Investiture Ceremony at Aux-Wadala!

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others,” says John Maxwell The newly elected leaders of our both primary and secondary section of Auxilium School Wadala were all set to take up their new responsibilities as head girl and other council members. Sr.Meena D’Silva the manager, Sr.Gloria Ferrao the principal, Tr.Babita the supervisor, Tr.Marthina Rodrigues the head teacher of the primary section

AMAR # 832 "Real education is holiness" says the HMs of INB !

28th & 29th June saw Auxilium Wadala our venue was the hub of school activity. It saw us essaying our way through current trends in the field of education to give a fine performance with 15 F.M.A. actors at a concert with Sr. Meena D’ Silva spearheading it together with Sr. Gloria. The education curtain opens with a prayer moment: God I need you. The first item being an opera

AMAR # 831 Teachers' Training at Dahanu!

The teachers’ training was held at Dahanu on 15th June 2019. There were 8 teachers present, four from Dahanu centre and four from Sindoni.  Sr.Manisha Parmar was the resource person for the day. The training began at with a prayer for peace, through video song. She explained to them the essentials of keeping the records of the evening tuition classes. After the session, the questions and doubts of the

AMAR # 830 Investiture Ceremony at Aux-Pali Bandra!

With the theme “Called to make a difference” the newly elected leaders of Auxilium Convent High School were invested on July 8th, 2019. In the presence of the students, staff and parents representatives the enthusiastic leaders were invested by our manager, Sr. Leema Rose Joseph, and the headmistress, Sr. Shiny Alphonse. The programme began with a short prayer moment. This was followed by the leaders marching forward to pledge their

AMAR # 829 International Yoga Day in Aux-Wadala!

International Yoga Day was conducted on 21st June 2019 at Auxilium Convent High School campus from 7 am to 8 am. First and foremost the students were made aware of the importance of Yoga in their lives, the use of a mat and the appropriate time to perform ‘yogasanas’. Yoga represents the way of life which endows perfect health physical, mental and spiritual. ‘Yogasanas’ are for the balanced state of