AMAR # 1778 Congratulations to Sr. Colette!

Punyashlok Ahilya Devi Holkar Award for the social work sector was awarded to Sr. Colette Gonsalves for the year 2016-17 by the State Women and Child Development Department of the State of Maharashtra. Sr. Colette belonged to Laura Vicuna Niwas Welfare Centre, Savedi, Ahmednagar. Recognizing her contribution in the social work sector and the impact created among the poor women of the village, the department has awarded this prestigious award.

AMAR # 1777 Together we make a Home of Love @ Dakor

“TOGETHER WE MAKE A HOME OF LOVE “ We the Community of  Pushpajali Dakor started our preparation for the community Gratitude day, on 5th to 10th March. The theme for Gratitude day was “TOGETRHER WE MAKE A HOME OF LOVE.” Each day we prayed for different Sector together with the Sister in charge, like: Date Animation Praying for the Sister and Sector 5th Sr. Benzina  Vayaghar Sr. Asha D’Monty  and

AMAR # 1776: Agents of Love and Care @ Dakor

Agents of Love and care  On 19th March 2023 at Pushpanjali Dakor celebrated its boarding annual Day. Program began with a prayer dance. We welcomed our guest by introducing about each of them; it was done by Sr. Shaila D’Monte.  The Chief Guest was Fr. Elson Berretto Sdb from Don Bosco, Dakor.  Guest of Honour was our own Superior Sr. Gracy Thomas and Invited Guest was one of the parents

AMAR # 1775: Adma @ Nirmal

Our ADMA members met on 24th March 2023 at Don Bosco Yuva Kendra – Nirmal.  18 members were present. This time we shared our reflections on Lent. We focused on making a good confession and to encourage the family members and others to approach the sacrament of reconciliation, to reflect on the love of God, Jesus’ passion and death, and to live in the hope of resurrection, new life. The rosary


The VII Regional Congress of Salesian Cooperators was held from 18-19 February 2023 at NBCLC-Bangalore, hosted by the FMA and SDB INK Provinces. Srs. Rosy Mascarenhas and Catherine Fernandes, Province Delegates for the S. Cooperators participated in the same. There were relevant and refreshing sessions on the theme, “As Yeast in today’s Human Family: The Role of S. Cooperators” in the present context of Strenna 2023 and Synod 2021-24 in

AMAR # 1773: Provincial Gratitude Day @ Ahmednagar

Gratitude is an attitude that is always appreciated and upheld but a very few actually possess. On the 11th of February, 2023, the Province of MM Mumbai gathered together at Laura Vicuna Nivas Ahmednagar, to celebrate the Provincial Gratitude Day on the theme “Mornese in Outreach”. The celebration began with a grand parade from the entrance gate of the convent of Sisters and little ones decked in colourful attire and

AMAR @ 1771:  Celebrating our Salesian Saints @ Carnzalem

Here at Auxilium – Caranzalem, the feasts of our Salesian Saints were given great importance and celebrated joyfully. The notice boards were decorated and meaningful prayer moments were animated. The lives of the saints were re-told in different ways and quizzes were held. On the feast of St. John Bosco, our founder we had a special ‘Bosco Fun-day’. After the morning assembly, stalls were put up, both of games and

AMAR # 1770:  Together for a Better Internet’ @ Koregoan

Safer Internet Day was well animated at Auxilium Welfare Centre- K P Pune on 8th February 2023. Sr. Sunanda Solanki introduced the students to the “Safer Internet Day” started as an initiative of the European Union’s (EU’s) Safe Borders project in 2004 and  taken up by the Insafe network as one of its earliest actions in 2005, according to its website. It is now celebrated in nearly 200 countries across


“Into that heaven of freedom my father let my country awake.” With sentiments of patriotism Auxilium Primary Carona celebrated the Republic Day. Mrs. Flavia D’Costa was the Chief Guest for the day and she hoisted the flag. Through her speech she conveyed to the staff and students to be more dutiful and committed. The students staged a dance and presented a patriotic song. The parents too joined us to make

AMAR # 1768 - Auxilium Primary School celebrated the Annual Day @ Carona

Auxilium Primary School celebrated the Annual Day on 29 January 2023 at 5.00 pm. The Chief Guest was Mr. Carlos Alvares Ferreira the MLA of Aldona. The little ones staged different items which comprised of skits, dances and songs.  The parents and the guests were delighted to see the children in their best performance. Tr. Perpetua Dias was felicitated during the occasion. For 25 years she has contributed much to

AMAR # 1767- Catechetical and Value Education Day @ Caranzalem

On 9th February 2023 Auxilium, Caranzalem celebrated its Catechetical and Value Education day. Values are the most important aspects a child learns at home and at school and hence the school curriculum sets aside three days a week for Catechism and Value Education classes in our school. During these classes the children imbibe life skills and values for their daily living. It was fitting to celebrate this day to create

AMAR # 1766 -Feast of Don Bosco cum Annual Sport Day @ Kasarkod

On 28th January 2023 we had the celebration of St. John Bosco feast in our school. Don Bosco group students took the lead to celebrate the day with a lovely programme.  The celebration began with a meaningful prayer service, followed by a dance, a  skit was displayed from the  life of St. John Bosco and hymns were sung in different languages to honour Don Bosco. After that every class presented

AMAR # 1764 Laura Vicunna @ Kasarkod

Feast of Laura Vicunna in Mazzarello Kendra Kasarkod On 23rd January 2023 we at Mazzarello Kendra celebrated the feast of Bl. Laura Vicunna together with our sisters, teaching and non-teaching staff and students, with great pomp and show, reflecting on the theme, “A little saint with giant love”. On this day the celebration began with a meaningful prayer service animated by the leaders of Laura Vicuna group of High school

AMAR # 1763 -SIGMATICS -Auxilium Wadala

“Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of the human society”In view of the increasing importance of Mathematics in the 21st century, Dr. Homi Bhabha State University (HBSU) has initiated a series of programs seeking to convey the excitement of mathematics to students and teachers.As a part of these activities, the Department of Mathematics organizes “National Mathematics Day” every year. This year National Mathematics Day (SIGMATICS 2023) was


“ONE NATION, ONE DREAM – UNITY” was the apt theme chosen for the Interfaith week. Auxilium – Pali Hill began the interfaith week from 18th January to 25th January, 2023. We highlighted the major religions of India namely – Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. Students of Std V to IX animated Day’s assembly creatively highlighting the significant traditions, cultures, rituals, festivals, food and clothing of the particular religion that

AMAR # 1761 -S. COOPERATORS FOREVER @ Ahmednagar

It was with pride and delight that four Salesian Cooperators of Laura Vicuna Unit – Ahmednagar took their Promise during the solemn Eucharist at 8.30 am in Don Bosco Church – Savedi on the feast of their Patron, 22nd January 2023. They were very well prepared by the Local Delegate Sr. Nilima Rodrigues and the Formation in-Charge Mr. Luis Shelke.  It was presided over by Fr. James Tuscano sdb the


From 16- 20 January 2023, Auxilium Wadala conducted the ‘Inter Religious Faith’ week. The theme being “The Nature”. Our School is blended with multi-cultural and religious faith. Each day different religion was highlighted, and morning assemblies have been very fruitful in knowing and understanding the different religions and how each of them help to live life with values. CELEBRATION OF ISLAM: 16January 2023 The inter religious week celebrations commenced at

AMAR #1759 - Value Education and Laura Vicuna Feast Day @ Aux. Wadala (Primary)  

    Primary Section Value Education Day – 20th January 2023 “We are all born as empty vessels which can be shaped by moral values.” – Jerry Springer Moral and ethical knowledge is the first point on which Mahatma Gandhi’s concept of value education is based. Any education system that lacks these two cannot be termed as good education. Teaching the students good values and responsibility help them to think from

AMAR # 1758-Salesian Cooperators of the Kalathur

As part of our annual renewal of promise, twelve Salesian Cooperators of the Kalathur, Udupi District, Karnataka unit came together to renew their promise. The venue was Maria Niwas Convent in Kalathur and the function was held on Monday, 6th February 2023. The function was also attended by Sisters from Auxilium Convent Shirva (Sr. Gema and Sr. Regina), Sisters from Maria Niwas Convent (Sr. Irene, Sr. Surekha and myself), and

AMAR # 1757 - A Day out in the Zoo - Aux. Wad. (Primary)

   Primary Excursion: 2022-23 “Field trips provide authentic hands-on experimenting learning opportunities where students can connect what they are learning in classroom, a real – world context”. Stephanie Smith Budhai. An excursion is a trip by a group of people or students usually made for leisure, education, or physical purposes. It is a journey or visit to a place, sometimes for other (typically work-related) purposes. The students of Std.1 to


Auxilium Convent and St.Ann’s School organized Cleanliness drive in the immediate vicinity of Bandra – Pali hill on 9 December 2022 as part of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s month- long “Majhi Mumbai Swachh Mumbai’ drive that kicked off on 1st December 2022. The main purpose of this programme was to create awareness among the people of Bandra regarding Cleanliness and its benefits. We began the rally at 8 am. Students of


Laura Vicuna discovered God, His love, and allowed herself to be surrounded by it. God’s love stimulated her to love in return. Thus, Laura made herself available to all, helping them in any way she could. She was a leader and everyone’s friend. Laura accepted God’s love. Laura was fascinated by the ideal of the sisters and secretly hoped to consecrate herself to God in the service of her brothers


It was a joyful evening on 23rd December 2022 for ADMA – Nirmal and friends from Gomesali parish who came to greet Sr. Meenakshi D’Silva, our Provincial. They welcomed her with a shawl and words of appreciation, and also presented a bouquet of flowers. Sr. Meena interacted with the group warmly as they shared the events and activities of the year. Sr. Meena gave the Christmas and New Year message of

AMAR # 1753 Blessed Laura Vicuna  a sign of Purity - Shirva

“I want to do all I can, to make God known and loved ”-Bl. Laura Vicuna. The Auxilium Niwas Shirva, celebrated the feast of Bl. Laura Vicuna on 22nd January, 2023. She is well known for her virtue of purity. We had a well animated morning prayer. In the afternoon we had invited three poor families and organized some games and a short programme for them. They were happy to

AMAR # 1752 - "THE BLOOMING FLOWERS IN THE GARDEN" Auxilium International Wadala

Every child is a unique flower with intrinsic beauty of its own. At AIPS we see these buds blooming into beautiful flowers each day. So, the occasion of Children’s Day on 14th November 2022 was the best opportunity to make our little ones feel special. The day began with our assembly which was specially animated for the day; we prayed for all the children in the world especially the underprivileged.

AMAR # 1751 - A season 2 celebrate. @ International Wadala

The season of Christmas brings in the hope and warmth of the festival much in advance of the Christmas Eve. We at AIPS wished that our learners know significance of this very festival and are able to spread happiness through their innocent and generous hearts. And so on 21st December 2022 we celebrated Christmas at AIPS, the day began with all the learners coming dressed in their fancy party outfits,

AMAR # 1750 - "74th Republic Day" @ Kune                               

26th January 2023: Today we the Kunal  Kathkari Vidhaya  Mandir  Celebrated the 73rd Republic day. Sr. Carol began with short prayers and Sr. Pricilla Bhanga hoisted the flag, followed by patriotic song and dance.  Mr. Rahul Tandale the teacher in his speech said that we must love our country and regulations for the betterment of the people. At the end we distributed snacks for the   Children. 

AMAR # 1749 -Feast of Laura Vicuna @ Kune               

On  22nd January 2023 we celebrated the feast of Bl. Laura Vicuna along with Kunal Kathkari Vidhya Mandir. Sr. Carol Nunes began with short prayer service and introduction highlighted on life of Bl. Laura Vicuna. Then student viewed a short movie on Bl. Laura Vicuna and had a discussion where children said that they like her spirit of hard work to achieve goal in life and help others to take

AMAR # 1748 - Laura @ Pushpanjali Dakor

We the Pushpanjali community Dakor celebrated the feast of blessed Laura Vicuna our young teenage girl on 23rd January. The theme of this feast was “Mortification, sacrifice and Love.” There was a short programme in the boarding in the evening. The program began with a short prayer moment. Later the boarders presented the life of Blessed Laura Vicuna which invited each one of us to live a life according to

AMAR # 1747 - An Evening with Migrant Families @ Ahmednagar

Our post chapter journey invites us to be outgoing missionary communities to the peripheries of the world. Keeping in mind the theme of provincial gratitude day, We the sisters of Laura Vicuna Niwas Ahmednagar Community organize the get together program with our migrant families of our locality. We began our program with the short introduction, making them known the reason for their coming together Sr. Suvarna Luiji invoked God’s Blessings

AMAR # 1746 - "Children; Buds in the garden" - Wadala

“Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of our nation and the citizens of tomorrow.” Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Auxilium Convent High School Wadala teachers were excited and all ready to showcase their appreciation for their most wonderful students on 14th November, 2022. The children wore traditional clothes. The programme commenced with a beautiful prayer service by the teachers. 

AMAR # 1745 - You are Special. - Dakor

On 13th November 2022 we had children’s day celebration for our boarding children. We started the celebration with a prayer moment guided by Srs. Maxina and Savita.  After the prayer the children were welcomed by giving a small flower to each one of them. We had a small cultural programme for them which they enjoyed to the full. We also had kitchen orchestra for them. After the programme Sr. Shaila

AMAR # 1744 - Children the best creation of God - Baroda

” Children are the best creation of God, they spread joy in every season.” Children’s day was celebrated with vigour and enthusiasm by the sisters and teachers of Auxilium convent Baroda on 14th November 2022. The teachers made the occasion memorable for the children with a special skit ” Chota Bheem “. The children were treated to a melodious medley of songs followed by a colourful dance performance by their teachers.

AMAR # 1743 Celebration of Children @ SJTC

On 14th November 2022, the day dedicated to Children, the community of St. Joseph Training Centre went to Kune Mission to celebrate the day with the less privileged children.    The evening resounded with prayer and praise as the aspirants and postulants led the children in prayer. The exciting games and action songs made the gathering lively and the children participated enthusiastically.   The programme concluded with a meaningful message

AMAR # 1741 - Faith Quest 2022 Camp-Aux Wadala

Auxilium Convent High School, Wadala, participated in a ‘Faith Quest 2022’ camp at Nashik  organised by Sr.Supriya Noronha and her community. This camp was for standard 8th and 9th religion students on 10th and 11th of December 2022. It was an early morning train journey from Dadar station and they reached the destination around 11am. The students were introduced to every Sister and the eight novices there. They gave a

AMAR # 1740- AUX. WADALA @ The 14th National Boscoree

 Auxilium Convent high school Wadala participated in the 14th National Boscoree  held at Assam Don Bosco University, Tapesia Gardens, Guwahati from 29th December 2022 to 3rd January 2023.  Sixteen enthusiastic Guides of Std. IX willingly came forward to be a part of this National event. They were accompanied by Tr. Babita Chib and Sr.Kalyani Subramaniam.  It took  3 days to reach the destination as the train was running 17 hours

AMAR # 1739 - Word Made Flesh - Aux Wadala

Christmas Celebration (Primary and Pri primary section) Christmas is for joy, for giving and sharing, for laughter, for coming together with family and friends. Christmas is a good time of the year to remind ourselves of the truth of God’s love for the world through the birth of Jesus. The students of the primary section celebrated Christmas on 22nd December. The students came to school wearing beautiful dresses. The celebration


Auxilium Niwas, Shirva celebrated Christmas day with great joy and enthusiasm.  The season of Advent itself was the time of preparation for this great day. The Sisters and the children were eagerly waiting for a King to be born again not only in manger but also in our hearts. Lighting of the candle every week was the reminder of the Lord’s coming, preparing ourselves to be hopeful, peaceful, joyful and


It was on 8th January 2023, the feast of the Epiphany, that various members of the Salesian Family of the Province of Bombay made their way to celebrate the Salesian Family Day at Don Bosco – Kurla. It was an impressive celebration with over 220 participants including Salesians, FMA, S. Cooperators, Past Pupils, ADMA, SMI and parents of Salesians. Fr. Diego Nunes, Delegate for the Salesian Family, thanked the various

AMAR # 1735 Nadgad Celebrates the Gift of Children

CHILDREN’S DAY – SCHOOL – Nandgad On the beautiful occasion of the Children’s day, the teachers of Auxilium convent English Medium School showed their love and gratitude to the students with a wonderful programme on 14th November 2022. The programme began at 10:00 am by wonderfully welcoming our management, Sisters, teachers and the most valuable persons of the day “our loved and beloved children, through a beautiful performance. The teachers

AMAR # 1734 NEWS from Benaulim

Light is the harbinger of joy, prosperity and eternal bliss of the soul’ Diwali, the festival of lights that enlightens the hearts and brings joy to every heart was celebrated in Auxilium High School Benaulim on 18 th October 2022. Decorated in vibrant hues, the school had an ambience of joy and happiness. The programme began with a meaningful prayer service highlighting the message of Diwali, invoking God’s blessings.  The

AMAR # 1733 # Clean...clean and clean # Dakor

Today the 2nd of October, our Boarding girls of Pushpanjali,  Dakor, accompanied by Sr. Savita Parkhe, Sr. Benzina Vayaghar and Tr. Venesa Khristi took a rally in honor of Gandhi Jayathi on cleanliness purpose, especially cleanliness in their houses and the surroundings. We started the rally around 4.00 pm to a village nearby Dakor called Dakor Nani Bagol. Children carried placards with slogans and on the way said aloud the

AMAR # 1732 # Festival of Lights at Auxilium # Carona

On 18 October, the students of Auxilium Carona celebrated Diwali with joy and cheer. Most of the pupils brought a colourful Akash Diya (lantern) for the celebration. It was a joyful sight to see the little ones carrying ‘light’ during these times of unrest and turbulence. After the prayer service each of them wished ‘Happy Diwali ‘to their teachers and classmates. As we celebrate the festival of Diwali may each

AMAR # 1731 World Day of Migrants @ MYC

            On 25th September 2022 , Mazzarello Youth Centre, Wadala was filled with joy  and cheer on having 100 migrants in the campus from  Under the Ghansoli Bridge, Sanpada and Wadala. Sr.Moksha Anthonappa province coordinator for migrant ministry ( Project Sahara) along with Sr.Rita Dora Thomasorganized  half day Programme on the theme, “Building the Future with Migrants and Refugees” to celebrate the 108th World Day of Migrants and Refugees.             

AMAR # 1730 A Journey......Young Sisters expressions....

Walking together in the course of centenary. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step….” and we the Temporary professed sisters began this journey for the new academic year 2022 to 2023 with our first tri-monthly meeting held on 26th and 27th August 2022 in Auxilium Pali Hill Mumbai. We were fortunate to have Fr. Fiorello Mascarenhas S.J who spoke on the importance of the Eucharist and how

AMAR # 1729 TEACHERS, WE LOVE YOU!! @ Aux # International # Pre School #

5th September each year is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in honour of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who wished that his birthday isn’t celebrated but rather observed as ‘Teacher’s Day’ to thank them for their contribution to the society. So on this day, we at AIPS too wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude towards our teachers, who work day in and out for their dear learners to mould them to be better


On 11th Oct 2022 we the Ashish Bhavan sisters conducted Marian night for village women, since we are in the Marian month. They were more than 60 women were present for this Marian night. We began with one decade of Rosary praying for our village, had some games like joining the pictures of our lady, singing hymns etc. they enjoyed the games, with that they came to know more about

AMAR # 1727 Root of Joy is Gratefulness @ Ahmednagar

SCHOOL GRATITUDE DAY School Gratitude Day was celebrated on 24th September at Auxilium Ahmednagar. Students from VI to VIII gathered for this celebration. All the sisters of the Auxilium Ahmednagar had a grand entry. Students from various standard were dressed beautifully like angels and dapper gentlemen. The sisters were warmly welcomed by a huge round of applause. m various standards were dressed. As beautiful angels and Dapper gentleman. The programme

AMAR # 1713 -Teachers build the future @ Benaulim

Teachers play a major role in making their students responsible citizens of tomorrow and good human beings. Hence to express their gratitude Auxilium High School Benaulim celebrated the Teachers’ Day on14th of September with great enthusiasm. The entire celebration was on the Theme “As you teach, do not become weary in doing good, for the proper time you will reap a harvest if you do not give up.” (Galatians 6: 9) The

AMAR # 1712 - Migrants to the tune of Garba @Aux Pali Hill

World day of Migrants- Auxilium Convent- Pali Hill, Bandra On 2 October 2022, Sisters and teachers of Auxilium Convent – Pali Hill organized a fun-filled day for the migrant children and also for the parents who accompanied them. They arrived in the campus by 11 am. Their faces lit up as we served them with snacks and fruity. Interacting with them we sensed that they were happy to be in

AMAR # 1710 Teachers Day @Aux Lonavla

‘The influence of the teachers extends beyond the classroom, well into the future.’ Teachers are respected and honored for their important contributions to shaping individuals. The 5th of September is annually celebrated as Teachers’ day in India. This is actually the birthday of the former President of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. This notion was well depicted in the celebration and honoring of the teachers by the students and management of

AMAR #1709 -NEWS paper Editors @ Aux Lonavla

Auxilium Convent High School, Lonavla conducted NEWS Paper Making Competition on 23rd Sept’ 2022 Friday on the school premises in two groups housewise – Ist Group – 5th to 7th (All four Houses) IInd Group – 8th to 10th (All four Houses) It was a competition on the basis of relevant information from various field National, International, State level and Local news. Also pages with sports, entertainment, education, business, puzzles

AMAR # 1708- Hindi Diwas @ Aux Lonavla

15th Sep’ 2022 was celebrated as ‘Hindi Diwas’ in Auxilium Convent High School.  Selected students stepped forward to initiate the organizing of the event. Ms Arya Ambedkar student of STD X gave her extended appreciation for the significance of the day celebrated. Ms Purva Ghamanskar highlighted and addressed the whole school about the importance of Hindi Diwas and the language Hindi in her recitation of a poem, dedicated to the

AMAR # 1707 ‘Girl child is God's sweetest blessing and most beautiful creation.’- Aux Lonavla

Mary was born a girl and was made the Mother of the Church. Where would we all have been without Mama Mary? Where we all would have been if, our mother wouldn’t have allowed us, to be born. With great joy in our hearts, we celebrated this day, September 8th , the birth of mother Mary, and join the Church of India in celebrating Girl Child Day.  To let this


The XV South Zonal Conference hosted by INB was held at Don Bosco Provincialate, Mumbai, from 17-19 September 2022, with the theme, Salesian Cooperator: A Beacon of Hope for the marginalized Youth. It was an auspicious event as it happily coincided with the celebration of the Golden and Ruby Jubilee of the SDB and FMA Provinces of Bombay. It began with the hoisting of the S. Cooperators flag. Sr. Catherine

AMAR # 1705 #Our Tainted Nature’s Solitary Boast#Madanthyar #

We at Maria Kripa Madanthyar began our Marian month on 15 August feast of our Lady of Assumption and concluded it on 15 September 2022.  By the grace of God, we were glad to have 40 hostelites with us. During this month we kept up the novena of nativity of our lady by attending everyday parish mass and goodnights which was send by the media group along with our girls. 

AMAR # 1704   Rakshabandhan  @ Aux Lonavla

On 11th August 2022, in celebration of the bond between a brother and sister, Rakshabandhan was celebrated in the school meaningfully in the morning assembly wherein through song and prayer, the staff, students and teachers invoked God’s blessings on this unique relationship between siblings. The students then tied Rakhis to some auto rickshaw drivers and also to the maintenance workers of the school. The monitors of each class were invited

AMAR # 1703  - ADMA Meet at Nirmal   

The meeting held on 24th August 2022 at Don Bosco Yuva Kendra was attended by 18 members. They prayed the rosary fervently in thanksgiving to Mamma Mary, and each one shared their intentions, too. There were signs of joy and happiness on each face as they heard about the wonders in our Institute of the various Jubilee celebrations and about the life of the FMA Pioneers in India. They asked

AMAR # 1702 - Mary Walks in the house of Pushpanjali

15th August was the great day for each of us as we the Pushpanjali community began our Marian month with our boarding children.  60 boarders together with we, the 6 sisters of the community were present for the prayer service, which was animated by Sr. Benzina Vayaghar.  During the prayer moment Sr. Gracy Thomas, the Animator and 4 leaders of the 4 groups,Don Bosco, Mother Mazzarello, Laura Vicuna and Dominic

AMAR # 1701 - VTC Students made a difference @ Maria Vihar

On 5th September 2022 the VTC students celebrated Teacher’s Day. We began our programme with a short prayer moment wherein we thanked them for their dedicated service. The students put up beautiful items which expressed their gratitude towards their teachers. We gifted them with potted plants, cards and a gift to show our love to them for their dedicated service to us. Sr. Agatha organised a simple game which was

AMAR 1700# Ripples of love @ Shirva

RIPPLES OF LOVE – Teachers’ Day “A good teacher is like a candle that consumes itself to light a way for the others.” On 5th September,2022, the Children of Auxilium Niwas – Shirva celebrated “Teachers’ day”. It was a special and remarkable one. It’s true that “not everyone has the patience of a saint, a heart of gold, and dedication without end – but we do! Which is why they

AMAR 1699 # You colour our life with Love @ Nandgad

“TEACHERS YOU COLOUR OUR LIFE WITH LOVE”. On the beautiful occasion of the teacher’s day, the students of Auxilium convent English Medium School showed their love and gratitude to their teachers with a wonderful programme on 5th September 2022. The programme began at 10:30am by welcoming our teachers on this auspicious day and to celebrate with great love for the generous contribution they render to each student of the school.

AMAR # 1697 - AYG & Eco-Club Investiture Ceremony @ Auxilium Pali Hill

On 30 August 2022, Auxilium Youth Group and Eco-Club had their investiture ceremony at 8:15 am. We commenced the programme with a short prayer moment and by the lighting of the candle by Sr. Shiny Alphonse, invoking God’s light and presence among us. 21 students of AYG were invested with scarves by our dear Superior, Sr. Teresa Vettical. 20 members of Eco club were invested with the batches by our


It is said that, every path in life has an end, but this ended path gives rise to a new beginning. The students of Auxilium Convent High School bid farewell to their beloved teacher Mrs. Lorna D’Souza on the 30th August 2022. The students welcomed Tr. Lorna with cheers. There was lighting of the candle to invoke God’s presence by Tr. Lorna which was followed by a prayer service conducted

AMAR # 1698 Science exhibition @ Pali Hill

REPORT OF SCIENCE AND HISTORY EXHIBITION Science and History Exhibition was held on 18th August 2022. Students from Std IV to Std X participated in the event and the exhibition was open for parents to see. Students presented different types of models which were related to different branches of Science, History and English like robotics, solar system, water purification, life cycles of insects, historical sources like coins, seals and display

AMAR # 1695  Auxilium center, Gandhinagar

Raksha Bandan: on the 4th of August 2022 we conducted Raakhi Preparation competition for the students of our tuition classes both in Akole and Randheja Villages, in the morning at 9 O’Clock and in the evening at 5 respectively. The children brought all the material needed and prepared beautiful Raakhis, one better than the other. Around 25 children took part. Teachers’ Day in Akole Village: On the 7th of September


PAST PUPILS MEET On 15th August, 2022, around 150 alumni of Auxilium Convent High School between the batches of 1997 and 2021 reconvened on the school premises on the occasion of the Past Pupils Union. It was a wonderful jog down the memory lane for the entire cohort, as nostalgia blossomed renewed amongst the ex-students who were now navigating different avenues in life. The event commenced with an energetic welcome

JUBILEE Celebrations in our communities and in the mission place

BENAULIM Excitement, preparation and enthusiasm reigned in Auxilium Benaulim for weeks in the month of July in anticipation of a grand occasion of the 150th Anniversary of Foundation, the 100 years of  arrival of the first Missionaries to India and the 40 years of the presence of  Daughters of Mary Help of Christians in Mumbai Province was held on 16th July 2022 . The festivities took off with a solemn


Encounter on the hills.: 27th August 2022 at 4.30a.m.: welcomes Mother Chiara Cazzuola on the mountain terrain of Bandra. God’s abode is the everlasting hills. Hence man meets God on the hill- tops of serenity. La Madre’s morning along with her team was up on the little Mount. Fantastic!  loftier the height deeper the foundation. Mary mirror’s the same. Higher the degree of her holiness  profoundly deep is her humility.

AMAR # 1685 @Dakor -"Be always Cheerful -Mary mazzarello

It was a great day of joy and rejoicing for us, the Sisters of Pushpanjali, Dakor as we kept up the dual celebration in the community on 15th July 2022; the feast of our Co-foundress St. Maria Domenica Mazzarello with our ITI Students as well as welcoming and introducing the new members of our community to the students in the ITI sector. The celebration began at 10:15a.m. with a short

AMAR # 1684 ECO AND AYG @ Nandgad

INVESTITURE CEREMONY OF ECO CLUB AND AYG On 19th July 2022 the Auxilium Convent English Medium School, Nandgad celebrated Investiture ceremony of Eco Club and Auxilium Youth Group. The ceremony began at 10:00 am by welcoming our Eco Club and AYG students with a big applause for accepting these groups to be a part of change in the school, society and the world around.  Which was then Followed by welcoming

AMAR # 1683 Founders Day @ Auxilium Wadala

FOUNDER’S DAY CELEBRATION AT AUXILIUM, WADALA    St. Mary Mazzarello, a mother to the orphans, a saviour of the unfortunate, and our Co- foundress whose feast was commemorated at Auxilium Convent High School, Wadala with great love and respect on 13th July 2022.  The Primary section paid tribute to Mother Mazzarello through an elaborate program organized in her honour which commenced with a beautiful prayer moment highlighting the theme “Holiness

AMAR # 1682 @ Pansora Hat-Trick Celebrations in a Three Dimension Capsule

At the dawn of 13 July, St. Mary Mazzarello come alive during the liturgy of the Hours and at the Eucharistic banquet officiated by Rev. Fr. John Baptist. The homily highlighted her work tenacity and childlike simplicity. Three sectors of our apostolate made our stage rock at various moments. The bright morn mirrored our protagonist St. Mary Mazzarello – A woman for all times on centre stage flanked by our

AMAR # 1681 - Nandgad - St. Mary Mazzarello

On 13th July 2022, the Auxilium Convent English Medium School, Nandgad celebrated the feast of our saintly Co-Foundress St. Mary Mazzarello. The celebration began at 9:30 am with a short prayer moment, thanking the Lord for our co-foundress, then it was followed by a hymn to Mother Mazzarello which was sung by our students with their melodious voices. Our students put up a beautiful and meaningful skit based on the

AMAR # 1679 GREENLINE@ Aux Wadala

“NOT TOO LATE FOR CLIMATE” On 14th July 2022 at 1.30pm, The Green Line Team members, Ms. Sandra Pereira and Ms. Ashwini Jadhav, Don Bosco, Matunga, conducted the first session of Ecology, for the Students of Auxilium Convent High School Wadala. This academic year for the entire Green Schools Campaign Theme for 2022-2023 is “NATURAL RE-SORT addresses two of these six problem areas, Sustainable Waste Management and Urban Greening and

In order to guide the students and make this year a fruitful one we teachers needed to be prepared and hence we had our Orientation on 25th June 2022, to be well prepared to help our students. The resource person for the day was Fr. Anthony Lopes CSSR, who led us into the sessions from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. The topics that he touched upon were: To help teachers

AMAR # Van Mahotsav @ Ahmednagar

As it is truly said, “Plant a Tree and make the Earth pollution Free”.            Van Mahotsav week was celebrated with great enthusiasm by students and staff of Auxilium Convent School Ahmednagar. The celebration was an ideal opportunity to instil the values of social responsibility in the students towards safe guarding trees and forests and various activities.       On 1st July, Tree plantation drive was conducted in school, where different

AMAR # 1675   Auxilium, Caranzalem  - Appointment of the school student council

2nd July 2022 dawned with great hope and expectations for all of us at Auxilium, Caranzalem as it was the day of Investiture of our student leaders. The theme for the day was, ‘Together we can make a difference’. The ceremony began with our leaders marching in with great enthusiasm and determination headed by the Head girl, Ms. Hajel Gauns, the assistant Head boy, Sports Captain, Assistant Sports captain, House

AMAR # 1674 @ Benaulim Poetry......

“Poetry is a language at its most distilled and most powerful” – Rita Dove.   Students of Auxilium High School Benaulim expressed themselves in a systematic and well synchronized manner at the Choral Recitation competition which was held on 29 th June 2022 . The poems were selected by the teachers well in advance. The students were trained to recite the poems with facial expressions, voice modulation, diction and intonation. The


On 13th July 2022, Auxilium Convent High School, Bandra was indeed proud to celebrate the feast of Mother Mazzarello and the celebration of three milestones of FMA presence: 150 years of the foundation of our Institute, 100 years of the FMA presence in India and 40 years of the existence of the Bombay Province.  There was music, fun and laughter all around as students honoured Mother Mazzarello through songs, dance and a


Auxilium Convent Baroda held three day seminar on 9th, 11th and 12th July 2022, for the students of VI to VIII, IX and X and XI and XII, on soft skill development i.e. communication skills and empathy. The subject was covered comprehensively by the resource persons, Mrs. Honoreen Mendez for English medium and Mrs. Heena Parmar for Gujarati medium. Her prolific track record and excellent domain knowledge shone through the


Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others – John Maxwell. On 24th and 25th June 2022, Auxilium Convent High School witnessed the solemn ceremony, where in the honours of leadership were formally conferred on the newly elected leaders of the primary section and the higher secondary section by our School Manager Sr. Priscilla Travasso and the Principal Sr. Philomena Lobo.  Sr.

AMAR# 1669 Baroda teachers- weeklong workshop

 ‘Critical Thinking and Problem Solving’ ‘Well begun is half done’ so before we could begin our academic session 2022-23, Auxilium Baroda organised a weeklong workshop for teachers on skill development and the sessions were taken up by the expert teachers, who shared their deep insights on the topics with life examples.  On 7th June 2022, Mrs. Honoreen Mendez chaired and administered a brilliant and refreshing offering on the essential elements

AMAR # 1668   BARODA -‘Every beginning has a good ending’.  

‘Every beginning has a good ending’.   Auxilium Baroda began the academic year 2022-23 with new life and vigor, seeking God’s blessings on each one of us.  The management, teaching and non-teaching staff and the students, were happy to be back to school.  The year began by invoking God’s blessings through a meaningful prayer moment and thereafter the Principal Sr. Philomena Lobo welcomed everyone especially the new students, staff and sisters


The Investiture Ceremony of the Secondary Section, for the academic year 2022-2023 was held on 29 July,2019 in Sr. Bertha Sperfechter Hall. The ceremony commenced with the lighting of the lamp followed by a prayer moment. Our Principal Sr. Gloria handed over to the Head Girl her office of responsibility and then handed over the portfolio to the ministers of the four houses respectively. Our Manager Sr. Magdline Sequiera ,


From 27th June to 4th July 2022 Auxilium Baroda organised the parent’s seminar for the parents from Nursery to std XII on ‘Parenting Tips’ along the lines of various issues and subjects that concern the psychological, mental, and emotional well-being and nurturing of students in their formative years were touched upon as per their age groups. This was chaired and conducted by Mrs. Bina Yadav, a highly accomplished and accredited


“The secret to a rich and prosperous life is to have more beginnings than endings” Says Dave Weinbaum. One such beginning was witnessed by Mazzarello Youth Centre, Wadala on 19th June 2022. On this day 15 Sisters assigned to this community, officially began the journey of togetherness. The inaugural had three parts prayer, recreation and the festal meal. Our Indian culture and so do we strongly believe that prayer is


“Leaders are not born but they are created by their experiences in life”. To inculcate the leadership qualities in students and to give them a feel of being an important and integral part of the school administrative body, Investiture ceremony is held every year. This momentous day of Investiture ceremony 2022-23 dawned to bestow responsibilities on the deserving young talents of the school to lead their school from the front


On 29th June 2022, we the community of Shirva-Auxilium Niwas celebrated the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, commemorating today as Pope’s  day. Together with the children, we had an eve with Pope Francis through various games and quiz. We indeed enjoyed and shared our knowledge and talents with each other. It was a remarkable day and a cheerful event with the Sisters and the children.

AMAR # 1663 Investiture ceremony @ Mazzarello Kendra

The Investiture ceremony for the new academic year 2022-2023, was held at Mazzarello Kendra, Kasarkod, on 29th June 2022 and celebrated it with great pomp and dignity. The celebration commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp and with a meaningful prayer service animated by the teachers and students of our school, praying for our new student council. Thereafter a skit was performed by the students, emphasizing the important role


On 21st June 2022, the students and the staff at Mazzarello Kendra celebrated 8th International Yoga Day with great enthusiasm, to raise awareness about the benefits of Yoga in daily life.  A special assembly on the theme, “Yoga and its benefits” was conducted by the students of class VIII. Thereafter the students displayed a skit thus discussing the importance of yoga in our lives. Later each class came forward to

AMAR # 1660 Leaders @ Madanthyar

Welcoming the new sisters and new hostel girls Program Madanthyar. Investiture ceremony on 20th June 2022 in Maria Kripa Girl’s Hostel Madanthyar. We began our programme at 6.30 P.m. introducing the day delegated to Holy Father Pope fancies the great leader of our church, on this feast day we choose leaders, how to be a Leader, what are their responsibility, by Sr. Jaya Rodrigues the hostel Warden. With a short prayer moment


Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life”. To inculcate the leadership qualities in the students and to give them a feel of functioning of the administrative body, a school student body was created after rigorous selection. The Investiture Ceremony for the academic year 2033-23 was held on the 28th of June 2022.Theme chosen for this year is Building Leaders.The chief guest for the event was


It is said that yoga is a journey of self love and it brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind help to manage stress, anxiety, increases flexibility, muscles strong and body toned. The 8th international yoga day was celebrated on Tuesday, 21st June 2022 in Auxilium Ahmednagar. It was an activity taken up as a part of scout and guide. Mrs. and Mr. Dr. 

AMAR # 1657  Van Mahotsav @ Pali Hill

Auxilium Convent High School, Bandra in collaboration with BMC- HW Ward celebrated Vanmahotsav on the 1st of July 2022. The event began with Sr. Shyni Alphonse (Principal), welcoming of Mr Arvind Borecha, Mr Francis Thorat and BMC support staff. Students from Std VIII put up a skit highlighting the significance of trees and impact of deforestation on the ecosystem. Miss Namrata Parmar gave a speech on the crucial role in


You are the chosen one was the theme of the day as we celebrated the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul. With this theme the office bearers of Auxilium Primary School Carona marched ahead with enthusiasm and joy. To add to their joy, the parents of the leaders accompanied them assuring them of their support and collaboration. The leaders were vested in sashes and scarves as they pledged to take

AMAR # 1651 Orientation @ Auxilium Wadala.

A staff orientation programme was held on 13th June,2022 at Sr.Bertha hall for the entire teaching faculty from 9.00am to 1pm.The session began with a Prayer moment conducted by Sr. Jennifer invoking the Holy Spirit to guide the teachers with his wisdom and loving hands of understanding. Our Superior Rev. Sr. Magdeline Sequeira then lit the candle of light as a symbol invoking the Holy Spirit to infill in all

AMAR # 2116 NCP Training at Pansora

On the evening of 16 March, we started the NCP training for ‘Children’s Parliament’. Children from Pansora Centre, Gandhinagar and Dakor Centre were present. Sr. Anita Tairipascu from Gandhinagar, Sr. Savita Parkhe from Dakor along with the tuition teachers gathered at Pansora for the training. Sr. Shaila D’Monte along with the social workers and tuition teachers animated the two days of training of the NCP. Sr. Nayana Vankar, Sr. Gracy

AMAR # 2115 Empowering Minds: Exploring Pedagogical Pathways - Gujarat Region

“The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.” – C.S. Lewis On March 5th, 2024, Auxilium Convent High School in Vadodara had the privilege of hosting Sr. Edna Mary MacDonald from Australia for an enlightening seminar on Don Bosco’s pedagogy and the preventive system. Attended by 70 teachers from Auxilium Baroda, Dakor, and Pansora, the event commenced with a warm welcome and

AMAR # 2114 Cultivating Creativity at Auxilium Baroda

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X Sr. Esperanza D’Sa, from Gandhinagar, was invited to Auxilium Baroda to teach students to make flowers for both English and Gujarati mediums, ranging from grades 1 to 9, the art of crafting paper and cloth flowers. Through organized sessions, students acquired new skills, fostering their creativity and dexterity. Under Sr.

AMAR # 2113 Guiding Students Towards Career Success at Aux- Baroda

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.  Several informative sessions were conducted for grades 9 to 12 students at Auxilium Convent High School, Vadodara, to guide students toward diverse career options. On February 26, 2024, Career Naksha conducted a seminar on career guidance, emphasizing the significance of self-discovery in career planning. Mrs. Sonali and Mr. Hardik highlighted the importance of understanding

AMAR # 2112 Community Gratitude Day at Maria Vihar, Nashik

On 7th March we thanked the community sisters and had a short programme for them. We began the program with a dance followed by appreciation words and a thank you song followed by a dance. The children were thrilled to thank their sisters. They gave cards and flowers to the sisters and showed their gratitude towards sisters. In the end, Sr. Hilda Mascarenhas gave the message that gratitude is the

AMAR # 2111 Multi-faith Week Celebration at Auxilium Nandgad

In a world where diversity is increasingly celebrated and valued, schools too play a crucial role in fostering understanding and respect among students of different backgrounds.  Keeping this in mind we at Auxilium Nandgad celebrated Multifaith Week from the 20th to the 24th of February 2024.  It was a wonderful celebration because everyone got to know the richness and beauty of different religions and the people’s belief systems. During the

AMAR # 2110 Science Exhibition at Nandgad

To ignite the curiosity and showcase the talents of our young scientist a science exhibition was organized in Auxilium Nandgad on the 28th of February. More than 120 students took part in the same.  They prepared a variety of working models and captivated the audience.  From the intricate workings of the cosmos to the microscopic wonders of the natural world these exhibitions captivated the audience and ignited a passion for

AMAR # 2109 Catechetical week/ Value education week at Caranzalem

Along with the cognitive,  physical, or psychological development of a child, it is very important to also cater to the spiritual dimension of their personality. Our value education and catechism classes indeed serve as an aid to the development of this aspect of a child. We set apart a special week to celebrate the Catechetical and Value Education Week from 4th to 10th February 2024. Every day during the assembly

AMAR # 2108 World Thinking Day at Caranzalem

World Thinking Day is a day when the scouts and guides think about their brothers and sisters in all countries all over the world, the meaning of guiding and the global impacts. This day is celebrated on the 22nd of February and is particularly celebrated to honour the founders Lord Robert Baden Powell and Olave Baden Powell on their birthdays. Each year there is a theme for ‘Thinking Day’ and

AMAR # 2107 ADMA gather at Nirmal

The ADMA group of Nirmal met on February 28th, 2024, at Don Bosco Yuva Kendra – Gomesali, Nirmal.  25 members gladly gathered to meet each other and to pray the rosary together. Being the Lenten season we prayed the sorrowful mystery for our own self-conversion and for all the People of God in our families, in the society, in the world, and Salesian Family. Our talk referred to the Strenna