AMAR # 2110 Science Exhibition at Nandgad

AMAR # 2110 Science Exhibition at Nandgad

To ignite the curiosity and showcase the talents of our young scientist a science exhibition was organized in Auxilium Nandgad on the 28th of February. More than 120 students took part in the same.  They prepared a variety of working models and captivated the audience.  From the intricate workings of the cosmos to the microscopic wonders of the natural world these exhibitions captivated the audience and ignited a passion for discovery. 

Master Steven Menezes and Mrs. N.N Desai were the judges of this competition.  They had a hard time judging them and at the same time felt enlightened with the creativity of this young generation. 

Tr. Anushri Patil, Tr. Maria Menezes and Tr. Kavita Kallimani took a lot of effort to motivate the students to get ready with their projects and models. Students themselves couldn’t believe that they could prepare such models and impress the other classmates. Hats off to the young scientists of Auxilim Nandgad.

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