June 2013

A workshop for SistersIMGP3622 engaged iIMGP3629 - Copyn Vocational Training Courses was held on 21-22 June 2013 at MYC – Wadala on the topic of “MIS and Corporate networking”.  This began at 8.40 am with a Prayer  moment, by  Sr. Magdalene leading us to God. After which Sr. Agatha, the Vice- Provincial, welcomed us and put forth before us these questions. What do you give to the young? How many of us have been challenged by the young? She stressed on telling us that it is all the formative talks and outings that will lead the young on the right path. And the most important tool for us is the GEM document.  Thus she concluded by saying we have to be balanced people and give the young what they need. We educate through faith by being channels of God’s grace. Be people of God and not social workers but do a religious work so that the young people may be successful in life.

The next session was animated by Mr. Manish Parmar, who spoke on the importance of how we can coordinate our work and present it in a very professional way, important issues were put forth of getting our centres recognized as a unit. And the suggestion came forth to combine all our centres as Auxilium Technical with Sahayani.

The Management Information System has to be maintained in all the centres. He also told us how to prepare the budget plan and batch management for the entire year and how to maintain the data of the institutions. Though there is a good infrastructure we lack students. We need to be more outgoing people to tap the resources of the Government. The last session was animated our Sr. Teresa Joseph on how our IT centers can integrate Spirituality Formation and technology and the image of our institute should lead us to pass on positive vibes and make our charismatic identity to grow, as leaders  let us influence people. During the goodnight we shared our different experiences, where the youngsters have been touched by our way of life, which enables them to make right choices in their life.

FMA MUMBAI (INB) bids farewell:

To our two Thai Sisters, Sr. Cecilia Kunthida and Sr. Agnes Kannaporn, who came to our Province on 18th March 2013 to learn English. Both were at Wadala, one in Auxilium and the other at Mazzarello Youth Centre. They have spent past three months attending the course of mastering the English language. As they go back to their homeland, we accompany them with our prayers for a joyful mission in

Seminar to deepen the theme of the GC XXIII Preparatory Document.

The  Province of St. Mary Mazzarello, Mumbai (INB) had a two-day Seminar to deepen the theme and the sub-themes of the GC XXIII Preparatory Document. This was organized on 06-07 June 2013 at  Auxilium Youth Animation Centre, Dahanu. The participants were the Provincial Councillors, Community Animators, PAC members and the Headmistresses of our various schools of the Province. The Seminar began at 2.45 pm with the introductory words given by