April 2014


(Sr. Teresa Joseph)The participants of FMA PCI: Provincials of the six FMA Provinces and the Elected delegates to GC XXIII, arrived at Auxilium Provincial House Guwahati, all set to begin the most important meeting. The FMA INDIA PCI Meet is from 14 -16 April 2014.                                                                         


Let us unravel the treasures of eco-spirituality from the Scriptures –  God said to Noah and to his children with him, “Behold, I establish my covenant with you and your descendants after you, and with every living creature that is with you, the birds, the cattle, and every beast of the earth with you, as many as came out of the ark. I establish my covenant with you, that never again shall all flesh be cut off by

Peasant of the Fields

A hot Italian sun beat mercilessly on the handful of workers in the rocky field. Mopping the sweat off their well-tanned faces, they labored on, their hands burrowing into the soil, skillfully setting the delicate vines in place and tying them tenderly with wisps of straw onto thin sticks. But it was so hot in the glaring sun! Gradually, one by one, they began edging away toward the shade, till

Day 23  Passion Sunday – Commemoration of  St. Mary Mazzarello

(Sr. Santana Pereira)We surely want to deepen our eco-spirituality and we will do it today, reflecting on the life of  our Foundress, an Icon of Eco—Spirituality. Eco-Spirituality is seeing the Divine in everything “for in Him all things were created in heaven, on earth and under the earth”. We see the Divine present in the ant, in the flowers, in the elephant, in humans. Ecological spirituality makes us people of

“TEENS FOR A BETTER WORLD”-3 Congregations

(Sr. Rosaline Pereira)A vocation camp was organized at Dahanu on 12th April, from 9.30am to4.30pm for the girls of std VIII-XII.  It was a joint venture of 3 congregations namely FHIC, MC and FMA’s.  The girls came from 4 Parishes and there were about 63 on our record.  It was wonderful to see all of us sharing the responsibilities and working together for a common goal. The sisters highlighted on various service-oriented ‘Calls’ as well as ‘Mary’s


Sr. Monica Shera accompanied 17 girls (Std X and XII) from Nirmal Parish to AYAC-Dahanu. The camp initiated on 7th afternoon and concluded on 9th afternoon. The program started with a prayer moment and a welcome speech. This was followed by beach thrill. After dinner we viewed a movie on “Kiriku” who became the leader in the village and saved the villagers. After which we had group discussion. Next day


What isEco-Spirituality? Why is it Important to All Spiritual Individuals? Eco-Spirituality is a way of life. It is being deeply spiritual, ONE with the CREATOR. Eco-spirituality is based on the sacredness of God’s creation, which is God’s first Revelation(Gen 1:2)   Eco spirituality teaches that divine life extends to all reality, and the Cosmos is an integral part of God’s self-revelation. In eco-spirituality, we explore our relationship with God in the context of our relationship

Day 21 Let's understand in depth - Enjoy BECOMING AWARE !

(Sr. Santana Pereira) Ecology is an interdisciplinary field that includes biology and Earth science. By ecology, we mean the whole science of the relations of the organism to the environment which includes all “conditions of existence.”…  Ecology is closely related to evolutionary biology, genetics, and ethology. Ecologists seek to explain: Life processes, interactions and adaptations The movement of materials and energy through living communities The successional development of ecosystems(explained below) and The abundance and distribution of organisms and biodiversity in the context of the environment.

Day 18 - Friends, let us understand the Word –‘ ECOLOGY’

(Sr. Santana Pereira)Each organism is a part of an intricately linked system of living and non-living elements and Ecology is a science by which we study how organisms-animals, plants and microbes- interact in and with the natural world. Ecology deals with: the ways in which organisms are moulded by their surroundings, how they may use their surroundings and how an area is altered or affected by the presence of an