April 2020

AMAR # 1227 'Thank you Mother Yvonne' says Auxilium Pali Hill, Bandra!

On 26 April 2020, we, the Sisters of Auxilium Convent Pali Hill, Bandra celebrated the World Gratitude Day with the theme “Your life is a tree that bears fruit”. We began our celebration with a meaningful vigil service thanking God for our beloved Mother General Sr. Yuonne Reungoat and all the Councillors of our Institute. We expressed our gratitude and prayed for each other and prayed for their selfless contribution

AMAR # 1226 MYC, Wadala celebrates Earth Day!

We, the community members of MYC, Wadala gathered together on the 22nd of April in the basement to celebrate Earth Day. The ambient was created where the members were given time to get in touch with nature. To our surprise we could see a number of creatures moving around, some birds chirping and the surroundings were silent (which is a rare thing in Wadala). During the prayer service, each Sister

AMAR # 1225 Canonical visit of Sr. Phyllis Neves to SHTC –Nashik!

The lockdown may have paralyzed the whole of India but it could not thwart the Canonical visit of Sr. Phyllis Neves to our Novitiate community here in Nashik. Thanks to Skype that made it possible. On 20, 21 and 22 April were indeed grace-filled days for the Sisters and the novices who felt the presence of our Blessed Lady through the conference and individual encounters with Sr. Phyllis Neves. Sr.

AMAR # 1224 Visit of Sr. Phyllis Neves at S.J.T.C - Lonavla!

On 13th April 2020 we the community of St. Joseph Training Centre Lonavla had the joy of virtual visit with our Visiting Councillor Sr. Phyllis Neves, because of the inconvenience caused due to Covid-19 and the lockdown. But with the help of modern technology, we got connected with Sr. Phyllis and we welcomed her with our melodious voices singing “We are the Easter people, Alleluia is our song!” To enrich