September 2021

AMAR # 1454 Teachers’ Day celebration at Mundhwa

On 7th of September we celebrated Teachers’ Day. We began the programme with a short prayer which was animated by Sr. Jeena Bandya. The children prepared a meaningful cultural programme for the teachers which consisted of dances, recitation of poems, and presentation of cards. Sr. Santana Pereira, the animator delivered a message for the teachers and students, saying, “Our first teachers are parents, then the school teachers who taught us

AMAR # 1453 Memory Development Session at Mundhwa

On the 1st of September, 2021 the tuition children had a session on “Memory Development “. It started at 10.00 am and ended at 11.30 am. The session was conducted by Mr. Abhijit  Patade in the Eusebia Community Hall. Sr. Jeena Bandhya assisted the students. He started the game by knowing, how much child could remember of his or her past. The children enjoyed and also learnt much.

AMAR # 1452 Season of Creation at Auxilium Caranzalem

The 1st of September marks the day of Prayer for Creation, established as an annual event by Pope Francis in 2015. It also marks the beginning of the ‘Season of Creation’, from the 1st of September to the 4th of October. We at Auxilium Caranzalem made this day a memorable one with a special prayer moment, both in community and again with the staff members. The year’s theme, ‘A home

AMAR # 1451 Special Highlights at Auxilium Caranzalem

The 31st of August was a special day in Auxilium High School, Caranzalem – a day we honoured our SSC toppers of the year 2020 -21. The students who scored the highest overall percentage in school were awarded a trophy, a certificate and a scholarship. Different scholarships were given to deserving students and to those who scored highest marks in individual subjects. The scholarships for individual subjects were given at

AMAR # 1450 Youth Meet at Don Boco Yuva Kendra - Nirmal

It was a joy to see many youth at the Church premises. Sr. Shaila Jadhav  along with the priest animated the youth group meet on 15th, and 29th August 2021. The meeting began with a short prayer and Fr. Ambrose Fernandes animated a session on leadership. He instructed them to have confidence and advised them to grow in self-confidence. It was decided that every month the youth will have a

AMAR # 1449  “Forest Bathing” @ Sacred Heart Novitiate – Nashik

On 1st September 2021 (today) in our community of SHTC Nashik, Sr Jaya Pedthala animated the meditation on the theme of “Forest Bathing” originally termed “Shinrin-Yoku” from its founding roots in Japan. This meditation helps us to silence our thoughts and become immersed in the natural environment in order to connect with nature. Through this practice the participants learn to tune in to the smells, textures, sounds and sights of

AMAR # 1448  INTERNATIONAL Online MEETING OF FMA NOVICES 2021 "Project Mornese”

On 31st Aug, 2021, the novices together with Sr. Salome D’Souza and Sr. Jaya Pedthala participated in the online International Novices meet from 12:00 – 4:00pm on ‘Project Mornese’. We were privileged to meet our Mother General Sr. Yvonne Reungoat who inaugurated this seminar. Sr. Reboso Nieves (Councillor of the Formation) introduced the whole programme and wished us a happy journey of encountering our Mother, St. Mary Mazzarello. We were

AMAR # 1447 Reaching out to the needy - Nirmal

On 24th of August 2021we at Don Bosco Yuva Kendra, Nirmal helped the needy families.  They were very grateful to us for the things they received. They thanked the Sisters for their generosity. These were moments of learning to live in solidarity with the suffering humanity.