AMAR #1772 -Worker’s day @ Auxilium Wadala

         “No human masterpiece has been created without great labour”

Andre Gide

Workers are the real architects of our school and they truly deserve their due respect. Auxilium has always believed that it is small acts of kindness that count. To instill great values and constantly iterates to uphold these values of humanity and dignity of labour in students, worker’s day is celebrated every year. This year too Worker’s Day is celebrated at Auxilium Convent High School, Wadala on Thursday, 16th February 2023.
The tiny tots of our K.G. section greeted all workers with their smiles and token of love.
Our Comparer Ms. Arya Tawde and Ms. Arya Kirdat of class 8 have done a fabulous job.
The program began with lighting of lamp by our superior Rev. Sr. Magdeline Sequeira, our principal Rev. Sr. Gloria Ferrao, K.G coordinator Tr. Aurelia and Mrs. Meena Solanki.
A short prayer service for the good health of our workers and their families has kept the holy spirits in hearts and minds of everyone.
The students of std. 9 expressed thankfulness through exhilarating prayer dance.
A melodious and harmonious song “Jara visavu ya valanavar” was sung by two students of std. 8, Ms. Bhargavi Bhosale and Ms. Sanchi Pawar
The children of primary section expressed their gratitude towards workers through thrilling action song.
“No job is big or small only thinking makes it so, saving money is critical as it helps in times of difficulties thus always value efforts put in by people”, this message was conveyed through an inspiring and value-based skit by the students of class 7 and 8.
The students of class 5 and 8 have given thrilling dance performance.
Our support staff Mr. Sachin Dushing thanks everyone for the love and appreciation shown towards them.
Our manager Sr. Magdeline gave motivational guidance and encouragement to all support staff by honouring them with gifts.
Sneha Dan Award for best worker was given to Ms. Sushilla Hembrom for her tireless service towards school, Many congratulations!!!
Ms. Shrushti Bhoikar and Ms. Arya Tambe of class 9 conveyed hidden qualities of our support staff.
Finally, the programme is concluded by vote of thanks given by a student of std. 8, Ms Subhashree Harne
Thus, everyone has shown gratitude in heart for those who serve them. This day reminds us to be kind and respectful towards all those who help us on daily basis.

As, we truly believe in, “Service to mankind is service to God”

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