AMAR # 2103 Cultivating Virtue “Nurturing Values at Auxilium Baroda

AMAR # 2103 Cultivating Virtue "Nurturing Values at Auxilium Baroda

From February 1st to 21st, 2024, Auxilium Convent High School in Baroda embarked on a meaningful journey through its Value Education and Catechetical Week. This dedicated week wasn’t merely an event; it served as a purposeful endeavour to infuse spiritual values into daily life, drawing students closer to the virtues essential for becoming compassionate and conscientious individuals.

Students ranging from 1st to 9th and 11th grades in both Gujarati and English mediums were tasked with specific topics to present messages to the assembly. Each class took the initiative to present their program creatively, captivating the audience with their presentations.

The topics covered during this week were tailored to suit the different age groups within the school:

For Senior Classes (9th and 11th Grade) enacted on topics such as Exploring the Parable of Seed and Soil, Challenging Gender Stereotypes and Overcoming Procrastination.

Middle Grades (6th to 8th Grade) dealt with Cultivating Gratitude and Thankfulness, Practicing Patience, Prioritizing Mental Health and Self-Care, Embracing Discipline, persevering in the Face of Challenges, Addressing Cyberbullying and Understanding the Importance of Self-Discipline

For Junior Classes (1st to 5th Grade) topics were spreading Kindness like Magic, Cultivating Respect for Others, Fostering Togetherness, Exploring and Understanding Emotions, Learning the Power of Forgiveness, and Being Prepared to Answer God’s Call

The students brought these themes to life through various mediums such as dance, drama, skits, and action songs, displaying their enthusiasm and liveliness throughout. Beyond just organizing an event, our school planted seeds of values that will continue to blossom in the hearts and actions of its students. Auxilium Convent High School doesn’t just educate minds; it nurtures souls with vibrant values.

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