AYM -Carona visits the Home for the Aged!

AYM -Carona visits the Home for the Aged!

The AYM members visited the Home for the aged Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary, Aldona. They were eager to go as most of them were going for the first time and also many of the inmates were from Aldona, Carona.  They carried with them some eatables to offer them.  It was something different as they went in groups or two and even individual to meet the inmates in their rooms, spoke to them. An inmate of the old age home advised the youngsters to study well and render service to one’s own people. The AYM members were feeling sorry to see their state as most of them knew their family. The experience was very enriching and the youth promised to visit them again.

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  1. its a good exposure for these young people to understand the elderly and love them.


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