AMAR # 2100 From Trash to Treasure: School’s Bag Making Drive” at Auxilium Baroda

AMAR # 2100 From Trash to Treasure: School's Bag Making Drive" at Auxilium Baroda

“Empowering minds to craft a sustainable future, one bag at a time.” 

On February 19th and 20th, students from grades 1 to 8 at Auxilium Convent School in Baroda, both in English and Gujarati mediums, enthusiastically participated in a cloth and paper bag-making activity using waste materials. Under the guidance and motivation of their teachers, the students diligently crafted bags from used materials within the school premises. Approximately 1500 students were involved in this eco-friendly initiative.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as students showcased boundless enthusiasm, eagerness, and joy throughout the activity. Their commitment to sustainability and creative expression was evident in every bag they produced. These bags, a product of their efforts, will be distributed to nearby vendors, contributing to the reduction of plastic usage in the community.

This endeavour not only served as a commendable initiative but also provided students with valuable skills in upcycling and waste management. Through hands-on experience, they learned the importance of repurposing materials and the positive impact it can have on the environment. Auxilium Convent School’s commitment to holistic education shines through initiatives like these, fostering both environmental consciousness and practical skills among its students.

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