Mumbai (INB)

AMAR # 2111 Multi-faith Week Celebration at Auxilium Nandgad

In a world where diversity is increasingly celebrated and valued, schools too play a crucial role in fostering understanding and respect among students of different backgrounds.  Keeping this in mind we at Auxilium Nandgad celebrated Multifaith Week from the 20th to the 24th of February 2024.  It was a wonderful celebration because everyone got to know the richness and beauty of different religions and the people’s belief systems. During the

AMAR # 2110 Science Exhibition at Nandgad

To ignite the curiosity and showcase the talents of our young scientist a science exhibition was organized in Auxilium Nandgad on the 28th of February. More than 120 students took part in the same.  They prepared a variety of working models and captivated the audience.  From the intricate workings of the cosmos to the microscopic wonders of the natural world these exhibitions captivated the audience and ignited a passion for

AMAR # 2109 Catechetical week/ Value education week at Caranzalem

Along with the cognitive,  physical, or psychological development of a child, it is very important to also cater to the spiritual dimension of their personality. Our value education and catechism classes indeed serve as an aid to the development of this aspect of a child. We set apart a special week to celebrate the Catechetical and Value Education Week from 4th to 10th February 2024. Every day during the assembly

AMAR # 2108 World Thinking Day at Caranzalem

World Thinking Day is a day when the scouts and guides think about their brothers and sisters in all countries all over the world, the meaning of guiding and the global impacts. This day is celebrated on the 22nd of February and is particularly celebrated to honour the founders Lord Robert Baden Powell and Olave Baden Powell on their birthdays. Each year there is a theme for ‘Thinking Day’ and

AMAR # 2107 ADMA gather at Nirmal

The ADMA group of Nirmal met on February 28th, 2024, at Don Bosco Yuva Kendra – Gomesali, Nirmal.  25 members gladly gathered to meet each other and to pray the rosary together. Being the Lenten season we prayed the sorrowful mystery for our own self-conversion and for all the People of God in our families, in the society, in the world, and Salesian Family. Our talk referred to the Strenna

AMAR # 2106 "We went for a Picnic," says the boarders of Maria Vihar

On 27th February we the Maria Vihar boarders went for a picnic in “Peruchi Wadi”. Sr. Jean accompanied us together with Jestina and Harshda our past pupils, and Sr. Smitha Monis dropped us. The children enjoyed playing different games and also they saw different birds and animals. They played sewing and also enjoyed the food which they gave us. Children took the birds in their hands and were very friendly

AMAR # 2105 Farewell at Maria Vihar, Nashik

We bid farewell to our 10th Std boarders. Everyone was so sentimental and sad. We begin our short program with a dance on friendship. Then 10th std students shared their boarding experience. They could not control their feelings. They thank all the sisters of Maria Vihar for their support, collaboration, guidance, love, care, friendship, and concern.  The memories will go along with them. Then dance of 8th and nine std.

AMAR # 2104 Nurturing Sustainability and Creativity at Auxilium Baroda

“Education is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about nurturing creativity, fostering critical thinking, and instilling a sense of responsibility towards our environment.” – Unknown.  Throughout February, Auxilium Baroda fostered creativity and environmental consciousness through a series of meticulously planned activities for students in the Primary English and Gujarati Medium section, spanning from Grades 1 to 8. The program commenced with an engaging paper bag-making session, where children eagerly learned

AMAR # 2103 Cultivating Virtue "Nurturing Values at Auxilium Baroda

From February 1st to 21st, 2024, Auxilium Convent High School in Baroda embarked on a meaningful journey through its Value Education and Catechetical Week. This dedicated week wasn’t merely an event; it served as a purposeful endeavour to infuse spiritual values into daily life, drawing students closer to the virtues essential for becoming compassionate and conscientious individuals. Students ranging from 1st to 9th and 11th grades in both Gujarati and

AMAR # 2102 "Exploring Science: A Creative Showcase" at Baroda

The Science Exhibition held at Auxilium Baroda for Grade 6 to 8 students, both in English and Gujarati mediums, took place on February 16th and 17th, 2024. It was a vibrant showcase of creativity and scientific acumen. Students exhibited a wide array of projects with enthusiasm, demonstrating their understanding and innovation in various scientific fields. The exhibition featured captivating models representing concepts such as the solar system, farming techniques, drone